The system controls all the required parameters in the irrigation communities, from the needs of the manager to those of each of its users.


With the latest additions to the system, Irrimation-RF controls exploitations of all sizes and configurations, and admits any of the existing irrigation systems in their topology. 


IRRIMATION-RF allows to control the irrigation turns using a real graphic calendar in a very efficient and easy way: 

  • Irrigate by time or water consumption allocation following daily or weekly patterns.
  • Program, limit and calculate the consumption alternatively by valve, by farmer or by any user-defined consumption group. But also irrigate with manual orders from the control centre or from your mobile phone.


IRRIMATION-RF is as reliable as a clock, everything happens at its due time and within a short and known delay. 

  • All what you see on the control centre screens happened within the last 5 minutes.
  • Remotely fulfil a valve open or close order within 1 minute.
  • Get historical data and statistics of consummmption, water flow, moisture…


What happens in case of fatal failure – as an energy blackout for instance – in the control centre, an IMU or an IRU? 

  • No consumption, irrigation program or irrigation turn is lost.
  • The units involved in the failure may be replaced or recovered without any programming.
  • Everything works again as if nothing had happened… Actually, it never stopped doing so! Why? Distributed intelligence plus a simple and efficient operation philosophy.


IRRIMATION-RF concept with homogeneous networks, no cable links, without repeaters, without solar panels…  

  • It dramatically simplifies maintenance and makes it to be the lowest maintenance cost farm irrigation system in the market.
  • Preventive maintenance reduces to IRU batteries replacement every 3, 4 or 5 years.
  • Corrective maintenance does not require any programming or technically skilled personnel. What else could the farmer ask for?


The system was conceived for hands-on easy installation. Because we know that complex installation is a risk and a cost and leads to maintenance headaches. 

  • No programming is required for IMU and IRU units. Just easy configuration.
  • Remote units (IRU) do not require any auxiliary equipment: no energy sources, no cabinet, no external devices… Moreover, IRU allows for local reading of all its variables.
  • Radio installing is simple: the only difference with cable is that there is no cable.


The IRU settings allow each remote unit to group valves and flow meters in the network as follows: 

  • Every IRU can group up to 12 flow meters and 8 valves within a 100 meter range from the unit (actual range depends on the valve model).
  • No need for any pulse booter or any other external electronic device.
  • For longer ranges, it is better to split the IRU into two or more units of less capacity and cost. That compensates for cabling costs and prevents risks originated in atmospheric discharges and buried cable in agricultural domain.


  • The IMU unit should be installed with a safe energy source; network energy plus batteries or UPS is advised. It also should be localited in a geographically elevated point inside the farm. For flat terrains a 6 to 9 meters high pole or tower should be used.
  • The IMU should be installed inside a cabinet that may be shared with the communication devices used to communicate with the Control Centre: long range radiomodem, cable, PSTN modem or fibre modem.


  • IRU units are IP66 and are throught for mural installation. Signals connection is easy by means of internal screw connectors and cables entry is water-proof sealed. IRU configuration tasks consist in setting a few parameters.
  • Radio links installation consists of a 3 meter tubular pole with an antenna on its top pointing to the IMU. The cable goes inside the pole so that ensuring protection against rodents and tugs. IRU start-up is automatic when batteries are connected.