IRRIMATION-RF increases the capability and applications of the system with its new remote units, fully compatible with previous versions and existing installations. The remote unit IRU-C has been updated and the system incorporates the new IRU-SR which can send orders or directions to electrical panels. IRRIMATION-RF becomes the strongest option in the market of smart irrigation control systems, both for irrigation communities and farms of any size.


    The IRRIMATION-RF system was initially designed for the remote control of irrigation communities. With the addition of new elements to the system, now it also controls farms of any size. Up to 5000 Ha (12350 acres) of irrigated crops and up to 1000 valves controlled by a single-frequency radio network, without repeaters and using low cost antennas. And no limit in the number of radio networks per project. IRRIMATION-RF is a product by Farell Instruments ™: leader in wireless telemetry.



The IRU-C is the new updated version of the remote unit to be installed in cotrol points. (It’s compatible with older versions). Its new settings make it possible to incorporate a RS-485 transparent port for direct communication between Control Center and auxiliar units  such as irrigation controlers, PLCs, etc. It’s lithium battery has a warranted autonomy of at least 3 years, maintenance-free and without solar panels. In addition, it’s analogue inputs feed the sensor loop, so that avoiding the need for external energy sources. Each IRU-C can control up to 10 valves, 6-12 flow meters or digital inputs and 4 analog hydraulic or environmental inputs. IRU units are sturdy and waterproof built. For radio communication it uses a low cost 2 dB gain antenna, although it allows for use of broad market antennas. There is a broad range of models whose capacity and cost adapt to any project needs.


The new IRRIMATION remote unit, the IRU-SR, has 8 relay outputs that can send orders or directions to electrical panels. It also has 8 digital inputs and up to 4 analog signals. It has several firmwares available to suit different features such as Pivots management. The IRU-SR is powered from an external source connected to the mains.  It also has a lithium battery that provides an autonomy of more than six years in any case. This configuration allows to maintain communication with the control center in the event of power loss. IRU units are sturdy and waterproof. For radio communication it uses a low cost 2 dB gain antenna, although it allows for use of broad market antennas.


The IMU manages radio communications for a network of up to 128 IRU, with a capacity to manage more than 1000 valves, 1500 flow counters and 200 analogue signals. Every IMU and its corresponding IRU communicate using a single frequency to be set among 160 different channels in the 418-430 MHz range (other ranges possible for non EU countries). The IMU records real-time quality data for all radio links and makes it available at the control centre.


Standard control centre uses the Irrimation SSPRI software package that may run on any PC plus MS Windows 98, NT or XP platform. The SSPRI is a very easy-to-use software that effectively addresses the essential needs of farms and irrigation communities. For projects with very specific requirements, IRRIMATION-RF allows to easily develop a monitoring system based on any SCADA and agricultural management packages. That is possible thanks to the existing drivers and to the Modbus RTU interface in the IMU.